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Current doings


Programming tutor (Unimi, 2020-)

Seasonal, about two months a year since 2020.

The programming tutorship offers students from Computer Science Bachelor’s degree programs who have not passed the programming exam a recovery and exercise path. The tutor’s task is to assist and accompany participating students in their independent learning journey, applying didactics concepts then studied by the ALaDDIn research lab at the University of Milan.

Organizer for the Italian Bebras competition (Unimi, 2020-22)

Seasonal, about two a month a year in the period 2020-22.

Bebras is a school-level computer science competition aimed at promoting the awareness of Informatics. The questions are proposed at an international level, and in Italy the competition is organized by the ALaDDIn research lab at the University of Milan.

The laboratory tutors, in collaboration with school teachers, translate the questions, adapt them to students of different categories and ages, and upload them to the portal. During the competitions, the help desk officials identify irregularities by interacting with the competition’s database and timely contact the responsible teachers.



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