Spoken languages

  • Italian: native
  • English: full professional proficiency
  • French: beginner but good potential (can read)
  • Danish: superficial (learned by living in Denmark)

Currently experimenting with Korean (alphabet and a few phrases)

Tech languages


  • LaTeX: expert user (I create small custom classes and packages)
  • Markdown: expert user (I use it for Obsidian)
  • HTML+CSS: superficial (I use it occasionally, I can modify templates)


  • Go (pretty good)
  • Java (pretty good)
  • sh/Bash (pretty good)
  • C (good)
  • Python (good)
  • MIPS assembly (good)
  • SQL (good)
  • PHP (superficial)
  • PL/pgSQL (forgot most of it)

Operating systems

  • GNU/Linux: expert (I don’t do drivers and kernels though)
  • Windows: expert (I hate it because I know it)
  • MacOS: occasional use (hackintosh experience)


Love CLI and TUI

  • Git
  • Neovim
  • Tmux
  • PostgreSQL (and other DBMSes)
  • Docker
  • Nginx
  • GIMP
  • Microsoft/Google Office suites

and many more


Driving license type B (cars)

Soft skills

  • Critical thinking and attention to detail
  • Adaptability and learning
  • Problem solving
  • Team working
  • Reliability