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I’m a student in the Computer Science MSc programme at University of Milan, however I just finished a semester-long Erasmus stay at University of Copenhagen and I’m currently a visiting student at Loughborough University for my Master’s thesis.

Also Known As

My full name is Alessandro Clerici Lorenzini. I’m also known as Sgorblex

What defines me

I love learning by both expanding my knowledge base and deepening what I already know. As a Computer Science enthusiast, I enjoy exploring both the theoretical aspects of my studies and the hardware and software tools I use daily. I primarily work on GNU/Linux systems, among which the main ones run Arch.

I am a passionate learner way beyond computer science, for example in music, ornithology, and languages.

Professional interests

I am potentially interested in an academic career, however I’d also like to make some work experience in the fields deriving from Computer Science.

In the computer science field, I’m particularly interested by the theoretical branches, including (but not limited to):

  • algorithms and complexity (and computability)
  • formal language theory
  • formal verification


I was born in Milan, Italy, in 2000. I attended mandatory school and I obtained my high school diploma in 2019 from Liceo Scientifico Alessandro Volta, a known school for its level and difficulty.

I started my journey into Computer Science by obtaining my Bachelor’s degree at University of Milan in 2022, graded summa cum laude (110 e lode). My thesis was entitled Automi 1-limited (1-limited Automata), concerning formal language theory and, in particular, regular languages and descriptional complexity.

I decided to continue my academic journey by undertaking the Computer Science Master’s programme in the same university (although considering other opportunities), and in the second year I opted for an Erasmus stay at University of Copenhagen, where I expanded my knowledge to new subjects (e.g. quantum computing) and my view to a more universal, international approach, both professionally and personally. I was also selected for a thesis abroad scholarship to work on my Master’s thesis at Loughborough University.


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Other interests

  • Linux: “Power user” customization of my work setup on Arch Linux (i3wm, Neovim, Tmux, Polybar, etc.). Sysadmin skills acquired by managing my work machines, my home server and the SimpoLab project (containing, e.g., Nginx web server, Docker containers, BIND DNS server, various Telegram bots, etc.)
  • Free Software: (collaborative) development as seen in my GitHub profile
  • Seminars and conferences: participation in university seminars (e.g. MuseMi) and public conferences in the sector (e.g. No Hat). I take every opportunity to broaden my knowledge and stay up-to-date on the state of the art
  • Music/Jazz/Piano: pre-academic musical training (3 years) in jazz piano at the Claudio Abbado Civic School of Milan. Previously at Musictime. Undying passion for music, both in a researched attention and in a relaxed listening.