Also Known As

Unimi (University of Milan)

Home of my university studies, both in the Bachelor’s and in the Master’s Computer Science degrees.

Scientific degrees in Italy, particularly in Unimi, are commonly considered more theoretical (rightfully so in my opinion). While this can be an issue if one’s interests reside in some types of careers, this characteristic contributed to the development of my interest in theoretical Computer Science.

Computer Science Bachelor’s

I enrolled for the Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2019 and graduated summa cum laude in 2022. My thesis was titled Automi 1-limited (1-limited automata), supervisors Giovanni Pighizzini and Luca Prigioniero.

Computer Science Master’s

I enrolled for the Master’s degree in Computer Science in 2022. While taking most of my exams in the first year, I decided to participate in an Erasmus stay at University of Copenhagen in the 2023/24 winter semester. I was also selected for the thesis abroad scholarship at Loughborough University. The achievement of the degree is expected in 2024.